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The Company

ROVOM  snc manufactures and installs overhead rail conveyors and equipment for handling products in the fresh and deli-meat sectors.
The company and its highly skilled engineers has over 35 years' experience in the field it operates in.

Constantly committed to improvement and the manufacture of new products, ROVOM can satisfy any market need or demand; its continuous study and expertise enable the Company to offer the best solution for each specific problem, with a special focus on plant layout.

The products offered are: 

 - Overhead monorail conveyors
                                       - Overhead open birail conveyors in stainless steel and aluminium
                                       - Overhead closed birail conveyors in aluminium

                                       - Overhead equipment, frames and racks
                                       - Machines and accessories for the overhead rail conveyors
                                       -  handling systems
                                       - Supporting structures and steelwork


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